Monday, December 3, 2012

I Got Pictures!

I got pictures website was designed in order for me to share my love for taking different pictures that varies in colors, shape and sides. I guess I really have fallen' in love in photography. I just cannot let the beauty of things just pass me by. I want to savor it more, memorize it's images and in order to do that, I will share with you this wonders through this diary. You will be able to see and feel the amazement I felt while I was taking the pictures.

Basically pictures I got are of different genre, form simple photo to a significant one! It includes architectural lights and designs, events, places and moments. Join me as we captures the pictures of beautiful handmade of God and skilled designs of man.

More over, i will deal more specifically with pictures on technical events and set-ups with my personal tips on how easy to do trouble shot and simple tips about lighting, audio and video repairs.

Enjoy and travel with me to different scenes, place and images of life and at the same time learned with me
as I encounter new knowledge on how best to lighten the hard work of a technical man.

"Taking pictures is a savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second" - Marc Riboud

Technical works on audio and video, hardware to software technology, lights and effects is my thing. I want to share some of my ideas and knowledge on how best to lighten the loads of technical works too! You will see more of these as I uploaded all my photos and ideas. For now, relax and enjoy my craft.

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